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Lexington Credit Repair

If you have bad credit it may be smart to consider Lexington Credit Repair because it has been proven to work for others. You can do so by taking action and requesting help on our page today.

If you start researching debt collection and credit repair online, you will soon find out about Lexington Credit Repair.

This credit repair service is offered by Lexington Law, a company with 24 attorneys, 200+ paralegals and agents operating in 19 states, and more than two decades of experience.

The thing that impressed me the most about Lexington Credit Repair was their track record. In a single year, they had over one million negative credit items deleted on behalf of their clients.

From that one statistic, you can easily tell that Lexington Law is widely experienced in all sorts of credit repair scenarios.

If you have bad credit because of collection items, don’t wait a minute longer to call Lexington Law.

Not only will they repair your credit, they will also teach you invaluable lessons about your rights as a consumer.

In case you need more convincing, here are just a few of the ways that Lexington Law can fight back against your debt collectors and get your collection items and credit judgments deleted:

-Debt Validation.   Lexington Credit Repair will initiate the debt validation process for you. This forces the debt collector to PROVE that you owe the amount they have reported to the credit bureau. If they can’t prove it, it will be deleted.

-Statute of Limitations.   Lexington Credit Repair will investigate your debts and see if the statute of limitations on any of them has expired. If the debts have expired, your debt collector cannot legally report them to the credit bureaus, and they will be deleted from your report.

-Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Lexington Credit Repair will educate you about your rights under this act. This is really great, because in addition to providing a basis for getting items removed from your credit report, this act will help get your debt collectors to stop harassing you.

-Fair Credit Reporting Act.   Lexington Credit Repair will use the protections of this act to get any inaccurately reported items removed from your credit report.

With help from Lexington Credit Repair, you can take full advantage of your legal rights. Don’t make the mistake of trying to handle things on your own. Sending unprofessional letters to debt collectors can actually make it harder to dispute your debt later. Same with making payments.

If you pay on an expired debt, it can restart the stature of imitations on that debt and make you legally responsible for it once again. Also, paying on any debt is no guarantee that your credit will improve. Your credit only improves when those negative items are REMOVED. Don’t accept any other solution.

Credit repair can be complicated. That’s why its so important not to do anything until you get professional help! Call Lexington Credit Repair today for your free consultation at 1.855.255.0118 and stop being haunted by bad credit.


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